My very own “Burnt Toast Diner”

Posted on: August 9th, 2010 by Carla Johnson 6 Comments

Start with trying-to-achieve-too-much and mix in a bunch of multi-tasking, then sprinkle it all with a dash of attention deficit. You too can achieve the striking range of hues that I managed to accomplish with these pieces of potato scallion miche bread. Butter really burns! There were flames. It truly takes the touch of a master’s hand!


Thank you to Steve for bravely reaching into the burning oven and to Daren for running around and opening all the windows and doors. Where would I be without my family? What and adventure! :)

~ Yes, I’m a Heroes fan. Where did it go?! Why did it go?!

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6 Responses

  1. Coreen Myers says:

    Love it Carla! I once made flaming hot pizza. Everybody still agrees that it was one of my best! This is funny because the pizza itself did not burn – it was the tea towel that was resting on top before it was put in the oven – and not removed when the pizza entered the oven. I took the flaming pizza, opened the backdoor and threw the whole thing onto the back patio. Wow! extra protein as well! We picked it up – we ate it – and it was good! Whew!

  2. Doris Jakobsh says:

    Hm, a bit of jam, I bet it tasted just fine!


  3. Doris Jakobsh says:

    by the way, the bottle is wonderful.

  4. LOL! You’ve just taken the purpose of a tea towel to a whole new level! Way to go!

  5. PB & J are good to cover a myriad of “sins.” :)

  6. michelle says:

    maybe slather them in cheeze curds and gravy – call it Canadian Toast?

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