“Sideways” Movie Moments

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"Cooking With Sin"

The movie “Sideways” is right near the top of the list of my favourite wine movies. The first time I saw it I was prepared for a comedy, but had to quickly re-adjust my frame of mind as the movie is quite pensive and introspective. In fact, the entire movie is smart and contemplative with the exception of one crazy, unhinged scene. Emerging from deep soul-searching and tension, the spectacle is overwhelmingly side-splitting. I gasped with laughter and tears, almost rolling off my seat! I won’t spoil it for you, but if you have seen it, you know what I mean. That moment redefined comedy for me.

Miles’ love of Pinot Noir and great distaste for Merlot had an impact on cash registers for some time afterwards. Personally, I love Merlot and I love Pinot Noir. It’s all delicious and complex to me.

And the parallel between wine and life. Beautiful moment.


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Carla Johnson Cooking With Sin

Carla Johnson Cooking With Sin

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