Absinthe Appreciation

Posted on: June 23rd, 2012 by Carla Johnson No Comments

Carla Johnson Cooking With SinSometime ago I bought a bottle of Taboo Absinthe. The name had a nice fit with the “Sin” theme and I was curious about Absinthe. Last night good friends came over, so we finally openned our bottle.

What an interesting drink. Absinthe is an herbal spirit distilled from anise seed & fennel seed along with the flowers & leaves of the wormwood tree. A lot of exaggerated rumours have spread about it for many years, so it was fun to dispel all the myths and give it a try.

Absinthe has a very high alcohol content, so you can not drink it neat – without diluting it with water. The bottle in our bar is 60%. As you add water, the rich clear green liquid makes an interesting transition becoming much lighter and cloudy. You can purchase slotted spoons designed specifically for this purpose.

Carla Johnson "Cooking With Sin"

I like black licorice and the anise flavours were nicely dominant in the drink, but I will admit I didn’t fall in love with my first taste of it last night. I am sure I will try it again sometime, but I definitely prefer it with sugar.

Carla Johnson "Cooking With Sin"

Today I found this really helpful video “Are You Absinthe Curious?” It explains the history of all the rumours and shows a special Absinthe water dispenser. If you are an Absinthe fan, I’d love to hear your thoughts & opinions.



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