8 Can Taco Soup con Tequila

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“I have been instrumental in banning bottled water on the set. It hasn’t gone that well with the crew… so I replaced it with tequila.” ~ Hugh Laurie, star of “House”

This 8 Can Taco Soup recipe was a wonderful discovery. After watching it buzz around Facebook, I decided it was begging for some “sin.” It has my favourite beans – black beans – along with delicious enchilada sauce and I love how flavourful it tastes. So, in keeping with its Mexican roots, I gave it a good shot of tequila.

Cooking with Sin 8 Can Taco Soup

Cooking With Sin 8 Can Taco Soup original recipe

Image & Recipe credit “Doing It Like Martha

Carla’s *Sin*ful Twist

While I mostly followed the instructions of the original recipe, I first chopped up a rotisserie chicken breast and sautéed it in the bottom of the soup pot with a bit of oil and a few shots of tequila. It softened the chicken, added a a flavourful zip and helped to quickly shred the meat.

Then I added the rest of the ingredients set the temp on high. In about 15 minutes it was all heated and ready to serve.

A sprinkling of shredded Monterey Jack cheese, a bowl of tortilla chips and yum!

Cooking with Sin 8 Can Taco Soup serving

Carla Johnson Cooking With Sin

Carla Johnson Cooking With Sin
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