How to Make a McD Big Mac at Home

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Carla Johnson "Cooking With Sin"

I am from the Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun! generation. Recently MacDonald’s decided to turn an customer inquiry into a how-to video. The ingredients are shared, and they are all very simple, but the amounts are not given.

First, a blast from the 1970’s past.

The customer’s inquiry was about how to make the sauce and the chef shares not only the sauce, but the construction of the whole burger. I know the 2 patties are small, 45.4 g/1.6 oz. each. I always thought the sauce was Thousand Islands dressing!

What is the Sauce that is in a Big Mac?

Curious about the nutritional information? Here is the Canadian site for all McDonald’s menu items.

Here is just the Big Mac info.

Big Mac nutritional information

Okay, so there was no *sin* in this one, but some would say the whole fast-food industry is sinful in its own way. :)

 Carla Johnson "Cooking With Sin"

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