Winemaker Tip #4. Red Wine Stemware: Passionate Presentation

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Kings Court Estate Winery - wine picWine lovers, I hope you enjoy “The Winemaker’s 7 Essential Tips For Serving Wine With The Best Results!” from Roland Zimmermann, co-owner and winemaker of King’s Court Estate Winery.


Kings Court Estate Winery - Roland Zimmermann

By Roland Zimmermann

Did you know that stemware designed for red wine embraces nearly every red variety of Vitis vinifera known to man, with infinite choices in size, shape, and material? A few simple considerations serve as a stemware guide to improve the experience and maximize the profile of any red wine.

In flawless crystal clear glassware, with large, rounded bowls, the spectrum of red wines sets hearts afire with brilliant ruby, burgundy, and blushing arrays. Continuing the dance between man and vine, generous bowls with narrowed rims harbour the aromas and encourage aeration, selfishly saving a perfect sip for the palate at hand.

Red Wine Glass

Red wines do breathe passionately upon release from the bottle. Controlling that passion, carefully nurtured by appropriate storage and serving temperatures as well as proper decanting, rewards the recipient even further when served in one of the larger, tapered-rim bowls of between 590 to 740 ml (20 to 25 ounces). The pour, of course, should release only about 145 to 180 ml (5 to 6 ounces) into the stem for adequate aeration.

Crystal stemware’s thin rim provides the ultimate experience, but just about any glass is preferable to plastic, which outgases chemistry into the wine, affecting nose and palate. Glassware with a thick lip sends a turbulent sip into the mouth, resulting in an edgier mouthfeel and disrupted palate. The fine, thin rims of crystal are unrivalled in delivering the smoothest, truest, most eloquent taste possible.

Choosing a stemware type that reflects personal varietal preference makes sense if a library of glassware proves impractical, but the final choice should be one that pleases the individual palate, regardless of expert opinion.


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